Don't Just Clean Your Life, RESTORE IT!

Growing your happiness and prosperity and never feeling judged can be way easier and more rewarding than you think!
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"My goal with the book, is simple and straight forward. It's to SHOW YOU (side-by-side with me in the trenches of the pages) the five proven steps to take that helps you easily grow your happiness, relationship equity, and prosperity and never feel judged, through the most restorative D.I.Y. 'life-cleaning' process, ever." 

--John William Gray (AKA Johnny Done Rite)

What if You Could Actually Get Rid of Those 'Reappearing Spots' The Relationship, Financial, and Other Issues That Haunt Your Life, And NEVER Feel Judged?
John William Gray was in the middle of what most would call a mid-life crisis. With his 2nd marriage falling apart, his carpet-cleaning business on the brink of failure, his relationship with his children disappearing, and his faith being rocked to its core, John asked the age-old question "Why isn't this getting better, no matter what I do?" and was startled when God began to speak to him as one Carpet-Cleaner to another.
Using the proprietary process John had developed for correcting ( not cleaning) carpets, God showed him how to remove the reappearing spots in his life-- spots that had accumulated and soiled his life over the course of an extremely dysfunctional childhood and messy past, including decades of substance abuse, surviving 2 near-death experiences and 7 vehicle totaling accidents, a train wreck of a first marriage, and a one-sided relationship with his Creator.
In this raw account, John shares the Restorative Cleaning Process that he developed for his clients and the parallel step-by-step guide God gave him to restore his entire life, making it possible for him to:
-Heal Reappearing Spots in His Life + Relationships
-Achieve His Dreams + Enjoy a Perpetually Enriched Life
-Become the Man He Knows He is Here to BE
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